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The White House and the US Department of Education (ED) are announcing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Week of Action, which will take place April 15-19. The announcement comes as advocates across the country are calling with increasing urgency for a concerted effort from all stakeholders and at all levels to assist students and families with completing the 2024-25 award-year FAFSA.

The White House and ED are encouraging high school counselors, principals, and other school leaders, superintendents, after-school programs, parent groups, nonprofit organizations, and other local and state education organizations to commit to taking action to raise awareness about the FAFSA.

Organizers of the FAFSA Week of Action are asking stakeholders to commit to any (or all) of a series of actions, including:

  • Hosting an in-person or virtual FAFSA Week of Action FAFSA submission event.
  • Emailing, texting, or sending push notifications with information about the Better FAFSA and how to submit the form.
  • Incorporating information about Better FAFSA and FAFSA Week of Action into newsletters, webinars, upcoming events/conferences, or resource sites.

Visit NCAN’s page for more information. > Click Here

Updated: Apr 10, 2024

The Ohio FAFSA Data Service provides tools and resources designed to aid school leaders, counselors, and designated partners in assisting students with completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®).

The service houses the Ohio FAFSA Student Data Portal which provides secure access to student-level FAFSA completion status, the Ohio FAFSA Completion Dashboard offers monthly updates regarding local district completions, rankings and the state’s completion percentage, Ohio FAFSA By The Numbers is a Data Dashboard that may be of interest to the public and policymakers and quick access to the FAFSA Hub which is a site sponsored by the Ohio Department of Higher Education that contains resources for counselors. students, and parents.

District/School superintendents may request access to the FAFSA Data Service to view student-level data. Access is granted after completion of the FAFSA Data Access and Security Agreement (click for sample preview) between the district/school and the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

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Ohio FAFSA Student Data Portal

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Ohio FAFSA Completion Dashboard

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Ohio FAFSA By The Numbers

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